best sounding bass guitars - a new design with slotted head - Bassbauer Deutschland

Ulrich BassDesign are handcrafting their instruments in a small workshop in Germany. Combining modern Design with traditional methods that have been used for centuries.


Not only among musicians but also among manufacturers the electric bassguitar often is underestimated. There is a tendency to concentrate on building acoustic instruments such as classical guitars or members of the orchestral strings section.

As a violin luthier and amateur bassist I have a different point of view on the electric bassguitar and combine traditional methods of instrument crafting with my idea of what an instrument should look, feel and sound like.



 For instance the headstock of my instruments traces back to the Spanish guitar. Under the influence of Antonio de Torres this construction method proved to be of big advantage already 200 years ago. Simply sticking to common design ideas of electric guitars on the other hand does not support the aesthetic evolution of building instruments.


Pulling the design of modern mainstream basses into doubt and bringing my experience in building traditional acoustic instruments to the discussion, I asked myself: Why does a violin have a pegbox or why is an acoustic guitar constructed with a slotted headstock? It improves the sound of the instrument.

Contrasting to that why do modern electric guitars and basses use a simple straight headstock? The only answer I came across during my research: “ is easy to build.”


I set myself the goal to treat the electric bassguitar separately from the electric guitar, combining innovative, modern design with traditional methods trusting in centuries of experience.

Adapting to new challenges of players in our present day, I build instruments offering comfort in various styles and occasions. That being said I do not try to stand out by exaggerated shapes but my instruments create an atmosphere of effortless inspiration supporting artists to make the most of their music.