Ulrich presents their new fretless semi-hollow bass.

Our new Nicolo Model - a unique bass constructed to combine the acoustic and electric world. What makes this instrument unique is the naturally resonating, acoustic approach. Preserving the purity and warmth that this bass delivers unamplified, the pickup brings this sound exactly where it belongs - to the heart of handmade music. Be it in the studio, the jazz club or the big stage: the Ulrich Nicolo performs on the highest level in a variety of musical styles.


Scale 34''



walnut, ash, maple,...

Top & Bottom

alpine spruce, western red cedar or hardwood


3-piece maple








Harry Haeussel bassbar


active 3-band Glockenklang

Control plate

matching woods - magnetic




Ulrich Nicolo bridge

Hardware finish



shellac semi gloss



Nicolo Fretless - Ballad

Nicolo Fretless - Jazzy

Nicolo Fretless - 80s Pop

Nicolo Fretless - Funky Fingerstyle

Ulrich presents their new fretless semi-hollow bass with a wooden bridge, Amati style f hole and spruce walnut body





This semi-hollow model features design elements of historical value. The model name "Nicolo" actually is derived from the famous violin luthier Nicolo Amati from Cremona, Italy. The shape of the F-Hole dates back to one of Amatis' violin models from 1635. For our Nicolo model we scaled up this exact F-hole design from 1635 to match the size of a bass instrument.  Often the sound of electric basses is largely influenced by the electric components like pickups and preamps. However we at Ulrich follow a different concept with our Nicolo model. Since we have a background in building acoustic instruments of the finest kinds we thought: Why not use our experience from the acoustic world and transfer it precisely to electric basses? So that is what we did with the Nicolo model. The construction of this instrument is close to the acoustic shape. The pickups in this case merely help to amplify what already sounds great acoustically.

check out the brandnew fretless bass by Ulrich bassdesign.






Despite the semi-hollow construction the Nicolo model brings you long sustain and a very fast attack. Its secret lies in the rigid connection between the neck piece and the body. The neck is fully glued in until the bridge-position pickup. Furthermore this solid connection and the sustainblock in the middle of the body prevent any feedback-problems while playing. The resonating chambers on both sides of the solid centre-piece provide the acoustic character of this instrument. The soundboard and the back side are made of Alpine spruce or Western red cedar, depending on the customers wishes. Already for centuries both tonewoods have been used as preferred materials for soundboards in acoustic instrument making.

 The Ulrich Nicolo fretless bass bridge-system provides the ultimate natural tone due to its optimal resonating properties.







The Ulrich Nicolo features a solid wooden bridge, which was designed especially for this fretless model. It consists of a one-piece woodblock, which is placed into the body. The height can be adapted to your individual preference with two adjusting screws. The string action can therefore be changed within seconds using an Allen key. The strings are mounted inside the solid mid-piece of the body behind the bridge. The Nicolo bridge-system provides the ultimate natural tone due to its optimal resonating properties. 

active bass with an USB-C port for charging the battery of the preamp.








While benefiting from traditional luthier methods, the Nicolo still is an instruments fit for the future: The USB-C connection allows you to charge the battery for the active electronic system from multiple sources: Just connect your instrument to a laptop, power-socket or powerbank to prepare your instrument for the stage. You no longer need to change batteries!

“The Ulrich Nicolo fretless bass sounds like a symbiosis of a boutique acoustic bass and the "bass of doom". That's because Flo Hertzsch found the perfect sweet spot for the pickup. it gives you lots of low-end energy, yet it is precise and clear for fast staccato-grooves. The acoustic feel to the sound is just logic if you consider the way this instrument is built. It's exactly what you need for ballads or jazzy tunes. These features combined with a thin and easily playable neck shape provide you with a electric bass that leaves you speechless.“

- Florian Reichelt @basssklave -