Handgefertigte Meisterinstrumente aus Niederbayern - Die eBässe aus Deutschland stechen mit einzigartigem Design aus der Masse hervor

Our Saulus series is designed for the modern player. Natural materials of highest quality are shaped to musical and ergonomic masterpieces. The bass offers a huge dynamic range, super fast attack and long sustain due to its light and stable construction.

Scale 34"



alder, maple, walnut,....






24 frets with hidden fret ends;

ebony, walnut, maple,...






Harry Häussel Jazzbucker with wood cover


passive volume/tone, 3-way switch

(serial, single, parallel)

Controlplate matching wood cover; magnetic
Tuners Sperzel
Hardware finish black
finish nature or black oil

4 band equalizer in a custom bog oak bass from ulrich bass design. one of my best basses. for sale now in our online shop






Although the Saulus is equiped with only one pickup it offers a enormous variety of sound possibilities. In fact, the Jazzbuck by Harry Häussel actually features two standard Jazz single coils in one cover. They fit gorgeously together as a humbucker and, as you can mention, as sinlge coils anyway. Combined with a Noll 4-band equalizer this bass lets you form every sound you wish. 

A modern custom bassguitar with a slotted head. this great construction method traces back to the spanish guitar. handmade by a german master luthier





The headstock of Ulrich BassDesign instruments traces back to the Spanish guitar. Under the influence of Antonio de Torres this construction technique proved to be of big advantage already more than 200 years ago. Adapting and interperating this method for our basses, the pressure on the nut is higher while the headstock angle can be very low. Note that the wood fiber runs through the entire headstock, which leads to greater stability. Thereby it improves the vibration properties resulting in a tighter feeling of sound. 

local wood 5 string boutique bass from germany. walnut body and fretboard with a set in maple ash neck and slotted headstock. for sale now!






Every bass comes with an ergonomic shaping on the back. The instrument feels very comfortable both in a standing and sitting position. Another unique feature is the special neck joint. It is a set neck construction, that goes all the way through to the bridge pickup. This improves the attack, sustain and the dynamic range. 

A mastercrafted Ulrich bassguitar with a noll 4 band equalizer mounted in a shielded housing






 From now on our basses are produced with complete electromagnetic shielding. All electronic parts are mounted in a shielded copper housing. Therefore, the instrument does not capture any background noise even in extreme situations.

Your Ulrich bassguitar will reliably accompany you on every stage in the world.