The new Retro 57 Series is based on the instruments, cars and lifestyle of the 1950s. The Bassguitar is available with different pickup configurations: P-Style, J-Style, MM-Style or combined.

As usual in the traditional luthiery everything is finished with shellac, wich has a positive influence on the vibration properties.

Scale 34"

 4 or 5


2-piece alder, spruce, honduras cedar or other


1-piece maple




maple with 20 frets






Harry Häussel P-Style, J-Style, MM-Style or combined


passive volume/tone

volume/balance/tone for J-Style

Controlplate magnetic; maple covered with tweed
Tuners Gotoh or Schaller
Bridge Gotoh
Hardware finish chrome
Body finish your dream body colour
Neck finish antique shellac

Retro57 MM

MM - Fingerstyle

MM - Jazzy

MM - Plek

MM - Slap

Retro57 J

J - Fingerstyle

J - Jazzy

J - Plek

J - Slap

Retro57 P old (flatwounds)

P old - Fingerstyle

P old - Jazzy

P old - Plek

P old - Slap

4 string modern retro p style basshandcrafted in germany with tweed control plate. slotted headstock, maple neck and spuce body. This bass is so light! it weighs 2,7kg






Our Retro57 series combines a superior old school look with the needs of the modern bassist. Selected materials, pickup combinations and parts are used, that have proven their worth on countless instruments over the years. We adopted all these great features to our design, improved the ergonomics, the sound and the playability in collaboration with musicians.

black custom 4 string vintage style j bass. A masterpiece handcrafted in germany. one of my best basses I built in 2020. You should play this bassguitar!






To prevent back pain and shoulder problems after hours of playing we are shaping especially thin bodys. So despite the solid body the Retro57 is lighter than most other bass guitars on the market. In combination with our construction system this leads to a faster attack and a precise sound. To keep the bass in optimal playing position the upper strap button is placed at the same level as the 11th fret, ready for you to rock.

dream design boutique basses handcrafted by Ulrich. Vintage high end custom bassguitar. This one weighs under 3kg. modern retro style bassguitar with tweed covered controlplate






Traditional materials like tweed, bone nuts, chrome hardware and maple necks on the one hand and state of the art parts like dual action trussrods, Sperzel locking tuners and Harry Haeussel pickups on the other hand lead to a truly unique bass series. All instruments are handcrafted in a small workshop in germany.

passive ulrich bass electronics in a shielded copper housing






From now on our basses are produced with complete electromagnetic shielding. All electronic parts are mounted in a shielded copper housing. Therefore, the instrument does not capture any background noise even in extreme situations.

Your Ulrich bassguitar will reliably accompany you on every stage in the world.